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Faldo Court

A limited collection of 13 meticulously curated lots. Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of the Creek Course, each lot is a canvas awaiting the creation of your dream residence. These prime lots, ranging from 840 to 943 square meters, offer a rare opportunity to craft a bespoke home in this prestigious community. Immerse yourself in a lifestyle marked by elegance, sophistication, and the unique charm of coastal living.

About the Name

Why 'Faldo Court'?

"Faldo Court" was named in honour of Sir Nick Faldo, a six-time Major Champion and renowned golf course designer, who co-designed the Creek course along with Tony Cashmore, which opened in 2004. Since Tony Cashmore already had a street named after him (Cashmore Drive) in the Thirteenth Beach Estate, it was deemed fitting to name another street after Sir Nick Faldo, given his significant contribution to the golf course's design while 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of the Creek Course’s opening. Naming streets after individuals who have played a key role in the development or significance of an area is a common practice to acknowledge their contributions.



Faldo Court Drone Overlay.jpg

Explore the diverse options at Faldo Court, each lot offering a unique canvas for your dream home:

Lot 201 Faldo Court
Lot 202 Faldo Court
Lot 203 Faldo Court
Lot 204 Faldo Court
Lot 205 Faldo Court
Lot 206 Faldo Court
Lot 207 Faldo Court
Lot 208 Faldo Court
Lot 209 Faldo Court
Lot 210 Faldo Court
Lot 211 Faldo Court
Lot 212 Faldo Court
Lot 213 Faldo Court

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840sqm - 27.96m Frontage

839sqm - 25.79m Frontage

840sqm - 20m Frontage
840sqm - 20m Frontage
840sqm - 20m Frontage

840sqm - 20m Frontage

840sqm - 20m Frontage

840sqm - 24m Frontage


884sqm - 14.3m Frontage


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